My cat is always so anxious for his daily car rides !


New Blog

Hello Dearest Followers,

As you know, the tumblr community is big on connecting with interests and in my opinion comes up with the best reactions. It’s a place to be yourself.

i have had neontayto for a very very very long time. I also have had another tumblr account for quite some time. It was used to vent a lot of sadness and frustration that only I could see. 

This evening I cleared that blog and am starting a different approach to it. i want to test it out as an actual blog until I figure out what I want to do with a blog on a “blogging” website (with entries, titles, links… in a journal format.. etc)

So if you would, check out and follow

So far it has 1 photo of my cat when he was a kitten. There will be multiple updates, stories, recipes, opinions, etc until I figure out a permanent location (this permanent location will also be linked in with my 2 tumblr accounts.)

I greatly appreciate it! I will absolutely take questions about anything, i will follow back but it will show up as neontayto (if that is how tumblr still approaches the follow backs.)

Thank you!

xo- Tayto